IMG_9251Ch S*Alway´s Gaby

BSH b 22 (chocolate classic tabby)
Genetic: Dilution, non-agouti, does NOT carry longhair.
Born: 2017-05-13
HCM: Negative 2018-04-20, 2019-03-29
HD: 1+1  2018-05-17
PKD: DNA tested negative parents
Mother to litter : K2 + M2

It took me about 24 years to finally get a chocolate tabby girl, of course she stays :)
She is called Mango :)


IMG_9250IC Loucy Lou von Xadon

BSH n (black, ticked goastmarks)
Genetic: Dilution and chocolate. Does NOT carry longhair.
Born: 2016-02-06
HCM: Negative 2017-01-27 + 2018-09-21 + 2019-09-13
HD: 2017-01-27
PKD: DNA tested negative parents
Mother to litter: F2 + I2

This is Lucy, our newest familymember :)
We love her so much. She has a temperament that is absolutly perfect!
She starts purring as soon you look at her :) She is very confidence.
On top of that she also have a perfect appearence.

Thanks to Monika Schröder, von Xadon, for entrusting me your black diamond!


050IC SE*BaraBus Vicky Pollard

BSH b 24 (chocolate spotted)
Genetic: Dilution, non-agouti and classic tabby carrier. Also carry longhair.
Born: 2015-06-05
HCM: Negative 2016-06-17 + 2017-10-13 + 2018-09-21
HD: 2016-05-06 Normal
PKD: DNA tested negative parents
Mother to litter: G2 + J2 + L2

This is Melissa.
She is a purring social girl with an interesting pedigree and look :)
She is a very big boned female with a lot of good qualities.
Thanks to Siv Widberg, SE*BaraBus, for letting me buy this diamond!