Cawi van Cinnerie (BSH f 02)
Born: 2005-05-01
HCM negative 2006-06-20
PKD negative 2006-06-20
HD: Grade 3+2
Colour genetic: carrying chocolate

This is Märta, my bicolour dream from Holland! Thank you Wilco Hoogenboom, for letting me buy her!
Unfortunately Märta has Hip Dispalysia so she never got any kittens. She is a happy neuter instead :)

GIC DK*Beachhill’s Olga
BSH f 02 (blacktortie-harlequin)
Colour genetic: carrying dilution and chocolate
Born 2010-04-02
HCM:  2011-06 Eqivocal, 2012-06 Eqivocal
PKD-DNA: Negative
HD: Normal

Thank’s Jeannie at Beachhill’s in Denmark for this charming girl!
Mickan, as we call her, is a talking, purring, social cat.
Unfortunately Mickan had to be neutered 7 november 2012.

Ch S*Sagotassens Geisha

BSH n 22 (black classic tabby)
Genetic: Chocolate, dilution, non-agouti and coloupoint carrier. Also carries longhair.
Born: 2014-07-11
HCM: Negative 2015-05-29 + 2016-07-15 + 2017-10-13
HD: 2015-05-20
PKD: DNA tested negative
Mother to litter: C2, D2, H2

This is Mia!
And the biggest Thank You to Annelie, S*Sagotassens, for letting me by her.
Mia is talking a lot :) Very funny, she is totaly relaxed and very brave.
We love her so much.