GIC SE*BaraBus Vicky Pollard

BSH b 24 (chocolate spotted)
Genetic: Dilution, non-agouti and classic tabby carrier. Also carry longhair.
Born: 2015-06-05
HCM: Negative 2016-06-17 + 2017-10-13 + 2018-09-21+ 2020-01-13
HD: 2016-05-06 Normal
PKD: DNA tested negative parents
Mother to litter: G2 + J2 + L2 + O2

This is Melissa.
She is a purring social girl with an interesting pedigree and look :)
She is a very big boned female with a lot of good qualities.
Thanks to Siv Widberg, SE*BaraBus, for letting me buy this diamond!

After 4 litters it was time for Melissa to be a neuter :)
She will be a spoiled lady ;)



GIC DK*Beachhill’s Olga
BSH f 02 (blacktortie-harlequin)
Colour genetic: carrying dilution and chocolate
Born 2010-04-02
HCM:  2011-06 Eqivocal, 2012-06 Eqivocal
PKD-DNA: Negative
HD: Normal

Thank’s Jeannie at Beachhill’s in Denmark for this charming girl!
Mickan, as we call her, is a talking, purring, social cat.
Unfortunately Mickan had to be neutered 7 november 2012.