In memory

Rissies Otto

Black giant schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer
Born 2011-09-09     Died 2021-04-06

Morris var en enormt stor kelgris, började man klappa honom så lämnade han inte din sida. Timme efter timme kunde han kela….lade man sig på golvet kom han alltid och lade sig bredvid för att mysa.
Men i tjänsten var han klockren! Alltid med en enorm arbetskapacitet och arbetsglädje.
På hans L-test ville polisen köpa honom, men nej tack vi ville behålla honom själva ;)
Han var även fantastisk med katterna och kattungar men en stor klumpeduns förstås, som alla riesen är :) Han har imponerat på många med sin styrka och energi.
Han är oerhört saknad av oss alla.




Jatzers Tarragon

Black and red miniature pinscher / Dvärgpincher, black and tan
born 2007-07-03  Died 2019-05-31

I couldn´t live without a small dog. My life was empty after Micke passed away. So we visit Susanne, Jatzers, to meet her beatiful miniature schnauzer puppies. But the dog we all fall in love with was Piriz, her miniature pincher. The same day Piriz get in heat so it was a long waiting for us. But the waiting was worth it!
Måns as we call him is the most energetic dog I ever meet.
Max was so happy when Måns arrived. Finally a friend for me!

Måns fick svår tandröta och sen varken såg eller hörde han som han skulle. Just att inte kunna höra och se kunde vara rena livsfaran när han var lös ute med två stora Riesen då han lätt kunde bli påsprungen. Sen började han visa dementa beteenden så till slut fanns det intget att göra än att låta Måns få somna in. Lilla gubben Monstret Måns, levde i 180 km/h, den stelaste lilla hund jag träffat :) Kommer sakna dig…..


Cawi van Cinnerie (BSH f 02)
Born: 2005-05-01  Died: 2019-05-22
HCM negative 2006-06-20
PKD negative 2006-06-20
HD: Grade 3+2
Colour genetic: carrying chocolate

This is Märta, my bicolour dream from Holland! Thank you Wilco Hoogenboom, for letting me buy her!
Unfortunately Märta has Hip Dispalysia so she never got any kittens. She is a happy neuter instead :)

Märta fick hypertyreos och tyvärr tålde hon inte medicineringen efter ett tag.
Hon blev bara magrare och magrare så till slut var det inget mer att göra.
Snällaste Märta som aldrig gjorde en fluga förnär, hon som kom på vid 8 års ålder att människor inte var så hemska och därefter alltid hälsade på alla besökare.


GIC S*Alway’s Portia (BSH h)
Born: 2003-06-11  Died 2017-06-07
HCM negative 2005-05-31
PKD negative 2005-05-31
HD: Grade 2
Litters: S litter

This is Maja. She has the same temper as her mother. So nice!
She has been Nominated several times under her showcareer.
Maja had a mild personality and as her mother Maggan she loved people.
We miss you!

magganS*Kastanjeback’s Lara Magoni (BRI h)
Born: 2002-05-06  Died 2015-05-11
HCM negative 2005-03-10
PKD negative 2005-03-10
Color genetic: carrying colourpoint gene
Litters: P, R and T litter

Maggan, my chocolatetortie dream! She loves to cuddle and she’s purring all the time.
Maggan my shaddow for 13 years will be missed for the rest of my life!

RÅkerblommans Impuls
Black giant schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer
born 2003-11-03  died 2014-05-20
2005-04-04 MH (Dog mentality assesment)
2005-06-27 L-test

Minja is working with Robban at Securitas. She is the only riesenschnauzer working as a security dog in Stockholm. She is an intelligent and a happy dog. She impress on most every person she meets. She is smarter than most dogs!

This is soo hard to write…..We are going to miss you the rest of our lives!
The emptiness is huge! We love you Minja, for now and forever!

maxen 1Altibo´s Cutlass
Black giant schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer
born 2003-03-26  died 2013-09-21
2004-09-07 HD A
ED ua
2004-08-07 MH

This is Max! He is Roberts dog. He’s actually a dream come true for Robert. Max will not be a securitydog because he´s to soft in nature. He is this familys giant pet! He is still Roberts baby and my son, Markus, best friend :)  Everybody who meets him like him. Our friends call him ”The dinosaur”! Max had a visit from Germany in june 2009. A beautiful p/s Dinka!
Unfortunatly Max got cancer last year and finally there was nothing to do….
We will never ever forget him!!!

Ch s*Talazzo´s always snowing (BRI w 62)
Born: 2000-06-26 Died: 2011-02-01
PKD negative 2004-06-15
Color: white with copper-eyes
Color genetic: blue carrying lilac
Litters: N and O

This is Molly! My sons best friend. She’s named after Molly the mouse! She is a very funny female, she likes to play with my son’s cars. And when he’s doing something he shouldn’t, she’s always close by :)
Sadly Molly passed the rainbowbridge to soon…

Fixus Specially Mixed
Black miniature schnauzer
Born: 1995-05-10 Died: 2007-03-23

Micke is my first self-owned dog. He charms everyone he meets, with his tough looks and big heart. I have never regreted my choise of breed. Schnauzer is a bit like a cat. I have never showed him at dog shows, he’s too grey in colour. The meaning was that we would train agility but then Markus was born and that took up all the time and energy. I think Micke is content that he didn’t have to train, he’s a bit afraid of heights :)
A small dog in size but a big dog on the inside and not a lot of hair, it’s enough with the cat hair in this home :)
Friday afternoon, Micke don’t behave as usual. He don’t want to go up, he is just lying on his bed. He’s hot and I can see that he is sick.
Quick call to the vet and they said come right in with him. So we picked up Markus from school and drove to the vet. Unfortunately the bloodtest showed that his liver has stoped working so there’s nothing to do.
We had to put him to sleep.
I miss my little dog so much! But I feel comfort that Micke is with my grandma and they’ll share a box of gingerbread bisquit:)

 Ch Cleo´s Blue Athena (BRI a)
Born: 1989-03-23 Died: 2006-12-05
Litters: A, B and C

In late may 1989 Cleo’s Blue Athena walked in to my life. Athena lives with my mother since 1995 beacuse she is to much of a queen. And the queen never lives with her subjects. That’s her opinione, not mine:) She loves people, accept dogs and hate other cats! She likes to talk, she can actually have long conversations, but only if you answer her :) When Athena came home to me, I found myself just looking at her and thinking ”I want more of these”!!
The 5 of december Athena passed the rainbow bridge. A very professional veterinary helped her to go to the other side without any pain. I am so grateful to my mother who has taken so good care of Athena!

GIC Syriam´s Pavarotti (BRI e 03)
Born: 1991-09-11 Died: 2006-05.
PKD: negative 2004-05-04
HCM: negative 2004-05-04

Pavarotti was neutered 1998 and moved to my sons aunt and uncle in Torekov.
Thank´s Lisa and Göran that tooked so god care about Pavarotti!

Pr & EC s*Alway´s Oberon (BRI w 62)
Born: 2002-05-08 Died: 2006-05.
PKD: negative 2004-05-25
HCM: negative 2004-05-25
Color genetic: black, carrying the chocolate gene.
Off springs: s*Alway’s P, Q and R litter, s*Luddkolt’s Q litter
* Best In Show- winner

My big white love Milton….. Milton started to limping more and more under the spring. I took him to the veterinary and he took some x-rays… It appeared that Milton had HD (Hip Dysplasia) in a very serious kind.
The vet couldn’t belive that he actually could walk…
So the best thing was to let him pass the rainbow bridge…

Pr & IC s*Iliaden´s Ifigenia (BRI a 03)
Born: 1991-11-22 Died: 1998
Litter: F + H

Iffi was a real bitch:) She loved to cuddle, but only on her on terms. She also loved
bathrooms!? The first thing she did when we stayed in a hotel was to check the
bathroom and the washbasin. She often slept in them and drank the water:) She
sometimes drank wine, red of course:) You could never leave a glas on the table
and then leave the room… would always find her drinking from it!
She had only one CAPIB left to become Internationell Premier when the cancer took her life. It went so fast, from the the discovery until she died, it took four days. I was in shock for a long time after that.
But my son, Markus, tells me that Iffi is alive and sitting on a cloud. She´s sitting there and eating her favorite food, bayonne-ham.
Iffi´s motto was: The less you move, the better it is!

IC Suncat´s Gittering Prize (BRI e 02)
Born: 1991-07-12 Died: 1995
Offsprings: Litter F + H

Claudius, my little baby….
The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in a cat!!! His name Glittering Prize is from a song by Simple Minds.
The cancer took him too early :( I can never really put into words my
sorrow for this loss….. He will always have a special place in my heart.

Astor (PER a 33)
Born: 1988-03-10 Died: 1989-12

Sokrates, my first purebreed cat. Died too early in FUS. I will always love the Persians, but
not all that long fur! Not for me. Sokrates always walked whith me to the postoffice and other stores where they allowed cats. He was like a dog.