IMG_2653Jatzers Tarragon


Black and red miniature pinscher / Dvärgpincher, black and tan
born 2007-07-03

I couldn´t live without a small dog. My life was empty after Micke passed away. So we visit Susanne, Jatzers, to meet her beatiful miniature schnauzer puppies. But the dog we all fall in love with was Piriz, her miniature pincher. The same day Piriz get in heat so it was a long waiting for us. But the waiting was worth it!
Måns as we call him is the most energetic dog I ever meet.
Max was so happy when Måns arrived. Finally a friend for me!


IMG_7857Rissies Otto


Black giant schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer
Born 2011-09-09
2013-03-11 HD A
2013-03-11 ED ua (0)
2013-10-24 L-test  (mental-test to see if the dog will be suitable for police and security)

Morris is now a real securitydog! From 24 of october he is Robbans new colleague!
We are so proud of our crazy dog :)
L-test showed that Morris i suitable for police and security!

Morris is the future colleague to Robban. We hope that he can be our next securitydog. But first he has to be older and bigger :)
He is very cuddling and playfull. We already love him so much!
Thank´s Gunilla for this black crocodile!


40773572_1986189424774453_7845268532244774912_nRissies Flamma


Black giant schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer
Born 2018-06-16

Ja så var det dags för nästa generation att flytta in :)
Denna gång blev det en tik….och efter långa diskussioner om vad hon skulle kallas så enades vi till slut om namnet Mix :) Kort och lätt att ropa.
Välkommen Mix! :)