Moved cats


Kurt from Turtelshome

BSH b 24 (chocolate-spotted)
Genetic: classic tabby, cinnamon, non-agouti, longhair. Does not carry dilution.
Born: 2021-06-03
HCM: Normal 2022-05-30   2023-09-11
HD: 2022-05-30 Normal + Normal
PKD: Normal
Father to S*Alway´s  U2 Litter

Welcome to Sweden Kurt!
I am so happy and grateful that I got to buy this nice and promising guy from Sabine Krapf in Germany! Can´t thank you enough!
I have high hopes for him in the future and then mainly in tabby breeding.
He lives with Susanne in Bromma and called Kurre.
I’m so grateful you wanted to be his co-owner!

Now is Kurt neutred and lives a perfect life with Susanne 🙂

DSC_0621 (3)b
SE*OneWish Checkpoint Charlie

BSH a (blue)
Genetic: gen ticked, chocolate. Does NOT carry longhair
Born: 2020-07-03
HCM: Normal 2021-06-21 + 2022-05-30 + 2023-10-16
HD: 2021-06-21    1+1
PKD: DNA tested lines

Måns is a very promising and lovely boy who will hopefully give me and some of my breeder friends amazing kittens next year.
He lives with Josefin in Uppsala. I´m so grateful you wanted to be his co-owner!
Thank you very much Anna Tonér at SE*OneWish for letting me buy this superboy!!
All photos from his breeder is taken by Anna Tonér.

Now has Måns retired and lives a perfect life with Josefin.

043Ch S*Sagotassens Geisha
BRI n 22 (black classic tabby)
Colour genetic: carrying dilution, colourpoint, chocolate
Born 2014-07-11
HCM: Negativ 2015-05-29, 2016-07-15, 2017-10-13
PKD-DNA: Tested parents
HD: 2015-05-20
Litter: C2 + D2 + H2

Mia has moved to my aunt Anita in Malmö 🙂
I think both are happy together 🙂
Unfortuntly my Anita died summer 2021 so Mia moved to her neighbour.