Tekyni´s Alfie

BSH b 03 22 (chocolate classic tabby – white)
Genetic: dilution, homozygot agouti. Does NOT carry longhair
Born: 2021-07-01
HCM: Normal 2022-07-25    2023-09-11
HD: 2022-08-15
PKD: DNA tested lines
Father to S*Alway´s V2 litter

Welcome to Sweden Alfie!
Now he is called Frasse and lives in Uppsala with co-owner Sofia and David, and of course with the grand old lady Doris ( a pug) 🙂
Can´t thank you enough Linda Toneman, Tekyni´s in Holland, for letting me buy this cute male with this special colour 🙂


SE*Meduseld´s Crescent Beam

BSH c 24 (lilac-spotted)
Genetic: classic tabby, non-agouti, colourpoint. Does NOT carry longhair.
Born: 2022-12-29
HCM: Normal 2024-01-5
HD: 2024-01-15 1+1
PKD: DNA tested lines

I couldn´t resist this super nice and promising guy…
The fact that he carries tabby made it obvious, he is needed in breeding!
So now he has moved to co-owner Malin and her family in Uppsala 🙂
He is called Arthur.
Thanks Emma for letting me buy him!


SE*Virrtassens OLIVER

BSH a 22 (blåtabby)
Genetic: non-agouti,
Born: 2024-01-23with

I couldn’t resist this promising guy, so suddenly I had booked him 🙂
He will live with Bosse (S*Alway´s Vernon) and his family 🙂

Oliver lives now with co-owner Christine and Alexander in Knivsta.
The first meeting with Bosse went very well.