Kurt from Turtelshome

BSH b 24 (chocolate-spotted)
Genetic: classic tabby, cinnamon, non-agouti, longhair. Does not carry dilution.
Born: 2021-06-03
HCM: Normal 2022-05-30   2023-09-11
HD: 2022-05-30 Normal + Normal
PKD: Normal
Father to S*Alway´s  U2 Litter

Welcome to Sweden Kurt!
I am so happy and grateful that I got to buy this nice and promising guy from Sabine Krapf in Germany! Can´t thank you enough!
I have high hopes for him in the future and then mainly in tabby breeding.
He lives with Susanne in Bromma and called Kurre.
I’m so grateful you wanted to be his co-owner!



Tekyni´s Alfie

BSH b 03 22 (chocolate classic tabby – white)
Genetic: dilution, homozygot agouti. Does NOT carry longhair
Born: 2021-07-01
HCM: Normal 2022-07-25    2023-09-11
HD: 2022-08-15
PKD: DNA tested lines
Father to S*Alway´s V2 litter

Welcome to Sweden Alfie!
Now he is called Frasse and lives in Uppsala with co-owner Sofia and David, and of course with the grand old lady Doris ( a pug) 🙂
Can´t thank you enough Linda Toneman, Tekyni´s in Holland, for letting me buy this cute male with this special colour 🙂


SE*Meduseld´s Crescent Beam

BSH c 24 (lilac-spotted)
Genetic: classic tabby, non-agouti, colourpoint. Does NOT carry longhair.
Born: 2022-12-29
HCM: Too young
HD: Too young
PKD: DNA tested lines

I couldn´t resist this super nice and promising guy…
The fact that he carries tabby made it obvious, he is needed in breeding!
So now he has moved to co-owner Malin and her family in Uppsala 🙂
He is called Arthur.
Thanks Emma for letting me buy him!