I started, as most of breeders do, with a housecat, Mozart. I was working together with a woman and she was breeding persians. I bought a blue colourpoint male, ”Sokrates”, from her in 1988.

I was visiting my first show in the autumn same year. It wasn’t hard to understand that Sokrates wasn’t a showcat 🙂 But my interest of shows had started!!! Well after a while I understand that grooming was not my thing 🙂 I wanted a cat who was not as lively like the housecats are, but I didn’t want a cat who was calm like a persian and, of course, not a cat with a lot of fur!! I was looking in the library books about cats. I found a lot of books and I also found the perfect breed, British shorthair!! I have never regret my chocie of breed!

Well I had found the breed but where to find a breeder?? I was looking for a while and talked to many of them but it was Gunvor Bråth, Cleo´s, that I find easiest to talk to. She also had a blue girl for breeding and show. In the late of may 1989 Cleo´s Blue Athena walked in to my life. Athena lives with my mother since 1995 beacuse she is to much of a queen. And the queen never lives with there subject. But that’s her opinion!

But where did the breeding interest came from? Well…I have always been interesting of breeding but it was a kennel I was dreeming about! As we all knows, one dog is lots of works and many dogs is too much work for me 🙂

In 1993 I felt that I was stuck in the corner whith the bicolours. They were all relativs, more or less. I wanted a chocolate or lilac bicolour but I couldn´t find anything that looked like a british shorthair, and the coats where to long. I got a tip from Ulrika Stefansson, Suncat´s, that Elisabeth Schreiber, Syriam´s, in Denmark was breeding thoose colours I wanted. So in 1994 a wrote her a letter. I have never regret that. She had a lilac bicolour male for me, and yes she could keep hin until he was old enough to move. She sent my some photos of the parents and the pedigree for them. When I saw the picture of the father I called her and said: -I want to bye Pavarotti!!! She was not easy to persuade, it took many calls and letters until one day the letter I have waited for came. Yes I could buy him!! So in spring 1995 Pavarotti moved from Denmark to Sweden. 1997 he was neutered and moved to a home whith no other cats. Some of my dreams has come true, like the lilac bicolour and lilactortie bicolour. I still want to breed chocolate bicolour and chocolatetortie bicolours but I also want to breed chocolate-tabby. I saw one at Syriam´s 1995 and I have never forget that eyecandy!


2006 was the worse year ever 🙁 Milton had HD and so did several of my females, related and nonrelated. All my litterplans was stopped and all my females was neutered. One week after I was forced to let Milton sleep for ever I discovered a tumour on Minjas tail. We had to amputate her tail so only 20 cm was left. It took over a month before she was free from pain. In december she was forced to be stereilized beacause a serious infection in her uterus. In may Pavarotti was put to sleep. He was alert and healthy until the last week. In december it was Athenas turn. The good thing this year was the joy of Mandy and Mira. Two girls with big personality and beautiful looks moved in to our home.